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April 1st, 2011

A friend of mine will deliver a commencement address in a few weeks.  In preparation, she has read and examined many commencement addresses given by others.   Regardless of the speaker, the setting, the approach, the platform, or the phrasing, the primary message for all of the speeches seems to be this: Follow your bliss.  Follow your passion.

As I unveil my newly designed web site and begin writing my new blog, this seems like a good time for me to introduce or reintroduce myself.  It occurs to me that one way of doing that is to share my passion with you.  Beginning in middle school I believed that my passion was for the arts.  I’ve only recently realized that my passion is for people.  The arts are the medium that I prefer in order to reach people.  It’s not just the arts themselves that I love — it’s the effect that the arts have.

I enjoy experiencing the arts with others.  I love seeing, feeling, and reacting to the arts as part of a group – big or small.  I enjoy the arts in a gallery or a concert hall, a park or a theatre, a community center or a museum, a [...]

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