Ramona Baker
Photo of Ramona


    • Dealing with organizational stress and change
    • Embracing, encouraging, and succeeding with creativity
    • Board and staff development

In her dynamic, interactive workshops, participants learn to recognize their own strengths and to respect the diverse thinking styles of others.  Ramona Baker’s workshops provide tools to engage and energize staff and board members while enhancing teamwork through a greater appreciation of thinking styles.

Her services include:

  • Custom-tailored workshops for staff, board, or staff and board
  • Identification of barriers to change and ways to overcome them
  • Enhanced respect for diverse thinking styles
  • Board development workshops
  • Staff teambuilding workshops
  • Creativity workshops to improve planning and flexibility

The results of Ramona Baker’s workshops include:

  • Higher productivity
  • Stronger working teams
  • Better adaptation to change
  • Greater flexibility
  • More effective and efficient collaboration