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An experienced speaker whose energy and humor capture audiences, Ramona engages people with her messages and dynamic delivery. Her facilitation of events as diverse as board retreats and public gatherings is inclusive, creative, and individualized to meet the needs of the organization.

Ramona has designed and facilitated workshops on a wide range of topics including preparedness for crisis management, the challenges and opportunities facing emerging arts leaders, lessons in leadership, board and staff development, and fundraising as storytelling. She works with clients to design custom-built workshops that will address their specific needs and goals.

Her services include:

• Keynote speaking
• Tailored workshops and trainings
• Facilitated planning meetings
• Consensus-building public gatherings
• Board and/or staff retreats



      Ramona Baker Consulting   |   ramona@ramonabaker.com
      3936 N. Delaware Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205   |  317.921.1909