Ramona Baker
Photo of Ramona

Strategic Planning & Evaluation

  • Organizational and programmatic evaluation
  • Solutions for stability while planning for change
  • More efficient and productive process

Those who work in the nonprofit field face complex challenges and a constantly changing environment.  These challenges require practical skills and experience combined with innovative solutions.

Ramona Baker works with organizations to develop collaborative, custom-tailored plans, programs, policies, and evaluation tools to meet these challenges in a creative and practical manner.

This collaborative planning ensures that each strategic plan will effectively address challenges and change, and that the outcome will solidify the organization’s mission and goals for the development of a stronger and more engaged organization.

Her services include:

  • Programmatic evaluation
  • Facilitation of board and staff planning meetings
  • Community interviews
  • Facilitation of constituent and stakeholder meetings
  • Public policy evaluation
  • Support for organizational transition

The results of this collaborative planning include:

  • Stronger organizational and community consensus
  • Mission-focused plan
  • Better organizational and community engagement
  • Leadership development
  • Greater institutional stability