Ramona Baker
Photo of Ramona

Executive Search & Transition

    • Evaluation and job search
    • Appropriate candidates for size and scope of organization
    • Transition support

Organizations often lack the staff time required for an effective executive search process.  Ramona Baker specializes in organizational evaluation leading to clear delineation of organizations’ needs and executive characteristics.   She develops, in conjunction with the client organization, the most productive and economical process to locate the best possible candidates.

Following the search, she guides boards and staffs through the transitional process of new leadership.

Her services include:

  • Organizational evaluation
  • Evaluation of executive needs
  • Recommendations for salary and benefits
  • Candidate interviews
  • Support and advice for search committees
  • Transitional coaching and advising for board and staff
  • Transitional coaching and advising for new executive

The results of Ramona Baker’s process include:

  • Productive search process
  • Best choices for appropriate candidate
  • National candidates without costs of most search firms
  • Smooth organizational transition into new leadership