Ramona Baker
Photo of Ramona


Ramona Baker is a consultant, speaker, coach, and facilitator.

After more than 20 years as the CEO of arts councils and arts organizations, Ramona transitioned in 2005 into working directly with clients. She is passionate about leading both organizations and individuals to success.

Her consulting practice focuses on organizations that are making changes or are in transition. Organizations faced with changes in leadership, mission, or direction benefit from her experience and services in searching for a new executive director or planning for the next phase in their life-cycle. Organizations in transition find her assistance with mergers, mediation, crisis management, and board development very valuable.

As a consultant, she works with organizations to solidify their mission and goals, to strengthen their connection to their constituents and their community, and to build participation and engagement.

As a strategic planner she helps organizations pinpoint where they are, decide where they want to go, and develop a plan to get there effectively and efficiently.

As a coach, she works with individuals within organizations to successfully meet challenges and to learn respect for a diversity of thinking styles and perspectives.

As a workshop leader and public speaker, Ramona engages and involves audiences with her compelling and dynamic messages delivered with energy and humor.